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Training is our passion.
We absolutely love what we do.

Suitable for everyone

Our courses do not require any entry level qualifications, so feel free to dive into whatever subject takes your fancy. They are split into clear and easy-to-use bite-sized units, so you won’t feel like it’s all getting too much.

Courses for the real world

Our great selection of work-related vocational qualifications has been chosen specifically to make your CV stand out to UK employers.

Personalised support

If you’re committed to learn, we’ll support you all the way. A one-to-one dedicated tutor and friendly locally based support team will be available to provide help when you need it.

Your Tutor

As a Proactive Security Ltd student you’ll have the support of a experienced and dedicated tutor throughout your studies.


Use our online forum for support and discussion with other students.


Our website is compatible across many devices such as mobile phone, tablet and pc meaning that you can login anywhere, anytime.